Everything You Need To Know

A quality credential is a mark of excellence that can boost consumer confidence in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The CECC encourages consumers, employers and other stakeholders to look for trusted credentials when:

  • Hiring a clean energy professional
  • Purchasing a renewable energy or efficiency product
  • Enrolling in a training or education program

Why Credentialing Matters

Groundbreaking growth in renewable energy and energy efficiency industries makes it more important than ever that consumers, energy incentive programs and industry can distinguish people, products and programs that meet the highest standards for quality, safety and efficiency. 

Make the most of YOUR clean energy INVESTMENT

Consumers can look for products that are certified for quality and safety, and credentialed professionals trained in safety and efficiency. Together, certified products and credentialed professionals ensure that your investment in renewable energy or energy efficiency results in the expected results – to save or produce energy.

Education and Training Programs can benefit from accreditation, improving enrollment in light of a competitive training market. Instructors can distinguish themselves as certified to teach industry-driven curriculum and skills. 

Professionals who install solar systems, weatherization products and other home energy efficiency retrofit work can set themselves apart from others who are less qualified.

Clean Energy Programs that provide financial incentives to consumers can enjoy the added assurance of safety, performance and reliability to justify their investment.